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Last week, a fire broke out at the General Motors Technical Center battery research lab in Warren, Michigan. General Motors has since said the fire was caused by a battery that was being tested under "extreme stress." Engineers were trying to get the pack to fail, which it did, but not to ignite, which it also did when gases leaked out and somehow caught fire.

Bill Wallace showing off the Volt cell and battery pack – Click above for high-res image gallery

Along with GM's announcement that it will build a battery pack assembly factory in Michigan later this year, CEO Rick Wagoner also announced that a new battery lab will be built in Michigan. At 31,000 sq ft, the lab will be the largest advanced battery testing facility in the world. According to Chevy Volt vehicle line executive Tony Posawatz, the lab will be located at GM's Warren, MI tech center campus. When the lab is fully operational, the company intends to use it to provide testing capabil

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