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REPORT: Fed predicts it will lose $30B on auto industry bailout

2009 isn't quite over yet, but we're pretty sure most automakers would rather forget that it ever happened. And while General Motors and Chrysler suffered the pain and humiliation of bankruptcy and workers lost thousands of jobs and many plants and dealerships closed, the good news is that the General and the Pentastar are now more fiscally healthy than they've been in ages. The bad n

Cadillac One: Details on president-elect Obama's new limo

One of the perks of being the Commander-in-Chief is getting to ride in the back of a presidential limousine. And while certain presidents have had hand-me-down chariots, President-Elect Barack Obama is set to get a brand-new, high-tech model.

Plug In America will host West Coast Inauguration parade with 30+ EVs

The AltCar crowd around the EV1 and the Chevy Volt. Photo to Amy Williams

Anti-coal biofuel researcher will become Obama's Secretary of Energy

The US Secretary of Energy is not exactly a glamorous position. I mean, go ahead and name the current one. Give up? It's Samuel Bodman, whose name we've had on AutoblogGreen with some regularity and still I needed to Wikipedia the position to recall his name. But the next Secretary might become a bit better known than

Barack on a bike

With the gas tax idea hopefully safely behind us and just two major party political contenders left in the race for president of the U.S., the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee, Barack Obama, spent some time over the weekend acting like still President Bush (kind of) by riding around on emissions-free, two-wheeled transpor