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Safety advocates want a rule issued mandating rearview cameras

On the evening of October 19, 2002, Dr. Greg Gulbransen stepped out of his house to move his sport utility vehicle into the driveway. He didn't realize his two-year-old son had followed him.

Technology has brought about a great deal of advancements in new vehicles over the last few years. There are some electric nanny aids that many of us do without, but there are others, like rear backup cameras and warning systems, that proponents suggest could save lives. How many? If the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's new findings are any indication, quite a few. In 2007 alone, 221 people were killed when vehicles backed up over them, and 99 of those were children under the age

With all the, uh, creative uses of automotive LCDs at CES, we were were starting to think there might not be any useful purpose for the things. But automotive supplier Magna has found at least two good uses for them with their ReversAid camera system. In one variation, putting the car in reverse activates the rearview camera with the image appearing in an LCD screen behind the glass in your rearview mirror. Drivers don't have to look at awkward spots on their dashboards, or between the gauges to