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Boeing's prediction that one percent of the commercial aviation industry will be powered by renewable fuels by 2015 may sound trivial, but converting any meaningful portion of the industry over to the plant-derived biofuels could lay the foundation for future exponential growth. Boeing is currently testing biofuels with British Airways Plc and Continental Airlines, but has worked with airlines across the globe as it tries to find suitable, plant-derived aviation fuels. Testing has demonstrated t

Boeing and Air New Zealand (Air NZ) are finishing the last details to test a plane running on biofuels. The fuel is made up from algae that develop in sewers, with a patented process by Aquaflow Bionomic, a company from New Zealand.

Following up on the announcement from Virgin Fuels earlier in the week of their intention to work with Boeing to demonstrate biofuel in a 747-400. Now comes further information that Boeing considers algae as the best prospect as a source for aviation fuel. The aircraft manufacturer will be focusing on testing the performance of algae derived jet fuel, especially its freezing point.