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The Florida Hybrid Center is a pretty unusual dealership. It's hybrid-only, dealing in nothing but new hybrids from Lexus and used Toyota Prius. It's also a dealership with a problem, the kind of problem that other dealers would love to have: it's too successful.

The Automotive Recyclers Association is ready to go to war with Honda and Hyundai. Why? The ARA claims that the automakers warn against the use of recycled auto parts, saying that the use of these components will void vehicle warranties. The ARA filed an official letter of complaint with the Federal Trade Commission saying that the actions of the automakers fly in the face of the Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975, which was enacted to make warranties more straightforward.

Now that it's all hip to be green, you may look at your hybrid car with its properly inflated tires and Love Earth bummer sticker and think "what else can I do to help the environment?" Turns out the answer is to drink beer out of recycled windshields turned into pint glasses. These glasses from Uncommon Goods are handmade in Colombia from old car windshields. The green tint that once protected your eyes from glare now protects your beer from harmful rays.