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Even though DuPont's automotive paints, or "performance coating," division brought in 12.1 percent of the firm's 2010 revenue, the pretax operating-profit margin was only seven percent, said to be about "half the corporate average." With the highly diversified firm making plays in more lucrative "megatrend" areas, Automotive News reports that DuPont has retained Credit Suisse to find a buyer for its two coatings divisions valued at $3-4 billion.

There's more than one way to paint a car. We've featured models with cans and brushes, the option of going sans paint entirely and we've even seen electricity generated from leftover paint fumes. Of course, automakers strive for the highest paint quality possible. The processes they come up with are often very time-consuming and cover many different steps, so it's not all that surprising that Toyota would find a way to both streamline and green up the process a bit. At its Tsutsumi plant in Japa

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/autos/DuPont_reveals_most_popular_car_color_on_earth'; For seven long years, silver has reigned as the overall number one choice worldwide for car color. DuPont reports that those days are over, and the new color of choice is -- gasp -- white/white metallic. That means more people prefer white cars than silver or black cars, with white taking a decisive lead in countries like Mexico and Japan. A study done earlier this year found that 62-percent of cars sold ov