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Audi TT-S starts at $45,500

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Audi gets official with TTS and TT TDI

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UPDATE: Audi TT-S images and official info

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LEAKED! Audi TT-S breaks cover

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Spy shots: Audi TT-S

The first generation TT offered two choices: coupe and convertible. And while that technically counts as two different versions, an enthusiast who actually plans on driving the car knows that that's really just one choice of car. Audi has loosed the variation machine on this second generation TT, however, doubling the possible selections, with coupe and convertible joined by TT-S and TT-RS flavors.

Detroit Preview: Audi has plans for big showing

The quad-ring obsessives over at Fourtitude have the inside scoop on what Audi plans to unveil in Detroit this January, and enthusiasts stand to benefit from a duo of performance products in the form of an R8 concept and what's likely to be the production version of the TT-S.