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Audi's first mass-production hybrid model was to have been the Q7 SUV beginning in early 2009. As Audi officials told ABG back in April, that program has been effectively canceled. Audi had been working on the development with VW and Porsche, whose Touareg and Cayenne share their platforms with the Q7. Audi R&D Boss Michael Dick has confirmed to Autocar that development of hybrids with nickel metal hydride batteries has been put on hold. Instead, the company will focus on lithium battery hyb

Ok here's the deal. Audi is building a hybrid Q7. It will be launched in late 2008. After our last report on the subject, I contacted Audi US spokesman Christian Bokich to get clarification on the on-again, off-again hybrid SUV. Chris verified that Audi AG will indeed build a Q7 hybrid and that no plans for U.S. availability have been announced. The only new Q7 variant that has been announced for the U.S. is the 3.0L TDI diesel. Our European friends will, however, have access to the gas electric

The only thing that seems to be certain about Audi's hybrid plans is that absolutely nothing is certain. Just since the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, Audi officials have said they will build a Q7 hybrid in 2009, then at the Detroit Auto Show in January they said they would build an A4 hybrid instead. In Detroit they showed an A4 hybrid powertrain and Product Mgr, Carter Balkom said that car was coming in 2009. More recently, Audi has indicated they wouldn't build a Q7 hybrid but would inste