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Click above for high-res shots of the Metroproject concept

Below the fold are three videos from the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. The first video includes many green cars like the Toyota Nissan Pivo 2, Audi Metroproject, Honda CR-Z and Toyota Hi-CT. The most interesting part of that video is a tour of the Hi-CT which shows the ignition on the ceiling and mini Segway-like vehicles on the back. The plug being pulled out of the hybrid Metroproject was also very interesting as well. The second video is just the hybrid Metroproject with shots of the interior. The t

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/design/The_littlest_Audi_ever_unveiled_in_Tokyo'; Back on the 19th of October, we showed you some leaked pictures of the Audi A1 metroproject concept that would be shown in Tokyo. Well, here it is in all it's un-rendered glory. The all-wheel-drive configuration was confirmed with Audi's excellent TSI turbocharged and supercharged engine powering the front wheels along with an electric motor at the rear. A lithium ion battery pack powers the 41 horsepower motor