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Since January, Audi engineers and students from the renowned Tongji University Shanghai have collaborated on various technical projects related to electromobility. For the students, the projects were often part of their required coursework as they seek to obtain various Master's and Doctorate degrees in related fields. Now, some ten months after collaborative work began, Audi has formally announced its partnership with Tongji University.

Audi has been producing vehicles in the Chinese market since 1988. Fast-forward 22 years into the future and Audi has just sold its one millionth vehicle in China. If you're curious, that one millionth vehicle is a metallic blue Audi Q5.

One of the star vehicles sold by the VW group in China is the Audi A6L, a longer wheelbase version of the popular A6 sedan. The hot seller moved 8,440 units last July. Now, the German company has decided to offer the A6L with one of the company's famous TDI diesel engines: the 2.7-liter TDI that offers 189hp. In the A6L, the engine puts out a healthy 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) or torque and has an average fuel consumption of 6.8 l/100 km (34.6 mpg U.S.), with prices starting at 488,800 yuan ($71,500 U.S

Although the supersized Audi A6L has offered buyers more backseat legroom and luxury compared to the standard A6, there seemed to be something missing. Extra room is nice, but what's a young executive to do back there? These lengthened sedans are becoming very popular in China, and with the new features Audi just showed at the Shanghai Auto Show, we understand why the demand will most likely continue to grow. Audi is showing off a few extra gizmos designed to help pass the time on those 20-hour,

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