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TRANSLOGIC 132: Gibbs Quadski

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In Detail: EPIC Amp Electric ATV

Vehicles like the sporty Tesla Roadster and capable Bremach T-Rex have gone a long way toward dispelling the perception that electric vehicles are only for your run-of-the-mill tree hugger. Sure, most EV owners would describe themselves as environmentally conscious, but with the variety of electric-powered rides on the market today,

Arctic Cat starts B20 approved ATV production

While this new offering from Arctic Cat has four wheels, it's technically not a car. However, it's worth mentioning here since it marks the first time a B20 biodiesel blend is being commercially promoted for use in a small diesel engine. The Arctic Cat ATV, powered by a twin-cylinder diesel engine, is targeted at farmers who are already using biodiesel for their tractors and other farm equipment. The engine used in this ATV came from Italian small-engine specialist Lombardini. The diesel ATV pro

MXT-MVA: HUMMER evolution squared?

Could this be a future HUMMER? That's what a friend of Mobile Magazine's Dave White is hoping. The International MXT-MVA (Military Vehicle - Armored) is a variant of the MXT 4X4 pickup. While heavily armored, the all-terrain vehicle is more than powerful enough to quickly move five "sumo-sized" occupants with its V-8 diesel engine which produces 300 horsepower and over 500 lb-ft of torque. The bed and body of the MXT-MVA can easily be configured to hold soldiers and their gear, heavy we