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Car and Driver's April Fools' Day joke about President Obama ordering the Detroit 3 automakers out of stock car racing has apparently got NASCAR officials pondering the ramifications of such a mass exodus. Suffice it to say, they are not laughing. Jeff Burton, driver of a Chevrolet-badged racecar for Richard Childress Racing, said, "I think the climate that we're in today, it would be poor business to not look at the worst-case scenarios." Of course, he's right.

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Just when it looked like all hope was lost for us diesel fans when it comes to light duty vehicles in the US market, our buddy Mike Levine at Pickuptrucks.com has the scoop on a plan to revive GM's 4.5-liter DuraMax. Several months back, Ford shelved plans to build a 4.4-liter diesel of its own design for the F-150 and more recently General Motors canceled its engine. The beleaguered Detroit automakers have now decided that there is still a market for such an engine even if it didn't make sense

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Earlier this week, in an example of cross-magazine synergy, both Automobile and Car and Driver ran April Fool's gags trumpeting the return of a rejuvenated, Toyota-owned Oldsmobile. The pubs even shared the same images, which depicted Oldsmofied versions of the Toyota Sequoia (Oldsmobile Super 88) and 4Runner (Oldsmobile Intrigue). It was goofy fun, and we all had a laugh and moved on. It would appear that not everyone caught the joke, however, and this is where things get substantially more amu

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