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Southern Comfort: the Southern 358 street rod pickup

A new American auto manufacturer has just popped up on our radar promising a product that is all-American, completely retro, and thoroughly modern at the same time. Fashioned after a 1950s era Chevy pickup, Southern Motor Company's first model will be called the Southern 358 and be built in the good ole U.S. of A. It features a stamped steel body over a tubular ladder frame running a Mustang V8 (huh?), all engineered with help from Panoz Auto Development. Maybe the Ford mill seems out of place i

Top Twelve American Vehicles

If your next vehicle absolutely has to have American design, American heritage and American power (though not necessarily be built in America, that's another list), BusinessWeek has some suggestions for you. The business magazine scoured through every domestic car, SUV, truck, and van and picked the top 12 domestic winners in each segment..