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Amanda Congdon visits a dung-powered dairy farm

Last fall we followed Amanda Congdon's trek across America in a Ford

Madison Wisconsin getting diesel electric hybrid buses

On another recent episode of AmandaAcrossAmerica, Amanda Congdon interviewed Mayor Dave Cieslewicz of Madison, WI. During the interview the mayor discussed the efforts that Madison and many other cities around the country have taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since the federal government is currently ignoring the problem, local municipalities are taking the initiative by changing things

AmandaAcrossAmerica checks out biodiesel

As part of AutoBlogGreen's continuing coverage of Amanda Congdon's coast to coast journey across America, I wanted to let you know about her crew's latest episode. As mentioned in ABG's interview with Amanda, they visited the Nation BioDiesel Board in Jefferson City, Missouri. The National Biodiesel Board is the national trade group for the

Amanda Unboomed across the country in a hybrid

In 2005 Amanda Congdon became an internet superstar when she and her erstwhile former partner started up a daily video blog called Rocketboom. Their daily five "news" show quickly got enormously popular in large part due to Amanda's attractive looks and entertaining presentation style. Amanda's resume includes theater and television acting as well as comedy and a degree from Northwestern University. A coupl