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A while back we gave you a heads up about a clock-making company in India which was seeking to diversify and enter the electric car business. As if that wasn't ambitious enough they made the claim, and still do, that their car would challenge the Tata Nano and sell for less than one Lakh (about $2500 US). At the time, we were skeptical that the company could realistically produce anything other than a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) for that price but wondered how it might compare to that ot

The Tata Nano made headlines as the world's least expensive new car and it's now facing a new challenger that's battery powered. The Ajanta Group is better known for making clocks but they also build electric scooters and bikes. The Gujarat-based Ajanta wants to get into the car business with an electric vehicle that's cheaper than the Nano. Ajanta group director Jaysukh Patel seems to think they can just transfer their electric bike technology to a car and produce 70 percent of the parts in-hou