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From freezing cold to Death Valley heat, the 992 must weather everything

Porsche says European 992 sales will begin in early 2019, and other markets are likely to be catered for after that.


More size, power, luxury — a quick recap of what we know so far

More size, more power, more luxury for 992-series Porsche 911.


"It will be launched as soon as there is a market for it"

Porsche admits a plug-in hybrid 911 will come, but likely not until 2023, bringing 485 hp with it.

Spy Shots

We're thinking it'll have around 600 horsepower.

Get a load of those fender flares and air intakes.

Spy Shots

The real surprise would be if the car changed signifcantly.

This car appears to be the new 911 Carrera 4S.

Spy Shots

This development mule is likely hiding a new modular platform.

Shall we call it the 992, then?