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Land Rover to hire 1,000 in attempt to keep up with Evoque demand

Automakers are always attempting to show how popular their new vehicle is, but there are only two ways to truly prove a smashing hit. One is to deliver outstanding sales numbers, and the other is to experience demand so strong that new employees must be hired to help assemble them.

Autoweek awards Audi A7 and Land Rover Evoque 'Best of the Best' titles

The editors from Autoweek have lined up their notes and named their 2011 Best of the Best.

Autoblog Podcast #257

LA Recap, Soave out at Fiat, ZL1 "you're welcome," Gray-market petition

Paris Preview: Land Rover reveals the Evoque

2012 Land Rove Evoque – Click above for high-res image gallery