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Wondering how to turn a Fiat 500 into a dinghy, um, we mean a tender? According to Italian coachbuilder Castagna, it can be done. First, remove the top, doors and tailgate. Second, enlarge the sills so that some semblance of structural integrity is maintained. Next, remove the entire interior. Replace the interior with teak wood and wicker accents and add weather-proof seats. Replace the top with some multi-striped canvas for some additional weather protection. Finally, remove the internal combu

Calling your retrofitted little runabout a tender is apparently all the rage these days. The yacht-based theme was recently adopted by BRABUS, which paired a smart fortwo with one of its warp-enabled SLRs. Now, Castagna does the same with Fiat's retro-fied 500. In fact, this isn't the first time that the Milanese coachbuilder has created such a machine, using the MINI Cooper platform just a few years back in the same exact way. In its transformation from sporty little coupe to a larger vessel's