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Is the Tesla Model S a fire trap? Nope

The recent timing of events has been off for Tesla Motors. Three fires in three Model S EVs within six weeks looks pretty bad. But how do these separate events stack up against all the other cars on American roads?

Tesla Responds To Model S Fire That Set Internet Ablaze

Earlier this week, a YouTube video surfaced of a Tesla Model S engulfed in flames near a highway exit outside of Kent, Wash. The video, published Tuesday, has received over 2 million views in less than a week, enough to garner a response from Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk via the company's official blog.

Fisker On Fire: Safety Concerns Prompt Investigation [VIDEO]

Fisker launching investigation into Woodside, CA fire incident, says batteries not to blame

10 motorists dead after fog, smoke envelope Florida highway

Drivers on a stretch of Interstate 75 in Florida found themselves in the midst of a scene from a nightmare early Sunday morning. Fog and smoke from a nearby brush fire combined to significantly reduce visibility, which resulted in a massive pile up just south of Gainesville involving 12 cars and six or seven semi trucks. The collisions began at 3:45AM EST and police have confirmed at least 10 deaths associated with the incident and ensuing vehicle fires. All six lanes of the highway are closed n

Santa saves man from burning pickup, directs traffic

You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout, I'm telling you why: One day, Santa Claus himself might pull you from your burning Ford Explorer Sport Trac before you're engulfed in flames. Brad Luddeke was on his way to deliver gifts to needy children when he came upon an accident just outside of Dallas, Texas. Luddeke saw the vehicle was beginning to catch fire and

GM may redesign Chevy Volt battery

Automotive News reports General Motors may redesign the battery pack found in the Chevrolet Volt in response to an investigation by federal authorities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered that in certain crash situations in which the Volt suffered a side impact,

Police arrest man for rash of car burnings in Berlin

The BBC reports that a man has been arrested in connection with over 100 vehicle fires in Berlin. Police have indicated that an unemployed 27-year-old took to arson in response to his own debts and jealousy toward individuals with luxury cars. The suspect set fire to a total of 67 vehicles over a span of three months, with an additional 35 cars caught fire