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2010 Formula SAE car could get updated with electric powertrain

The University of Washington built a Formula SAE car in 2010. It had some impressive specs – a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds, for example – but it's already due for an upgrade. See, last year's car used a 600cc Honda engine and a six-speed transmission to move the 480 pounds (curb weight) in a hurry, but now some of the team members want to upgrade the little racer to an "all-electric, eco-friendly, racing machine." Incorporating battery sw

Driving Force: Lamborghini and Callaway Golf collaborate on new forms of carbon fiber

Lamborghini and Callaway announce their strategic partnership in Paris – Click above for high-res image

New study quantifies differences in biofuel crops, impact on environment

There are plenty of flex-fuel capable cars on the roads, but there is not nearly enough ethanol available to power all of them on the gasoline alternative. It's no secret that corn-based ethanol is not the answer to our oil woes, but if that's the case, what alternatives should we be looking closest at? Regular readers are surely aware that cellulosic ethanol is the way to go when it comes to alcohol-based fuels, but even with that process, a crop of some sort is required. Additionally, biodiese