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Connaught Engineering to hydridize Tesco Transits

We have featured lots of electric car conversions here on AutoblogGreen but until now there hasn't been very much in the way of hybrid conversions. Connaught Engineering, devisors of the Domenick Yoney

Brit cars being damaged by mysterious contaminent in fuel supply

Could a bad load of petrol be responsible for a string of engine problems in England? That's what investigators want to know. Engine damage has been reported by hundreds of motorists across Britain, so fuel stations have started testing their product. So far no abnormalities have been found, however, causing some consternation among those effected. Only motorists in Southeast England seem to be having the problems, so the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) feels like bad gas is th

British supermarket chain Tesco to run trucks on B50 biodiesel

Tesco is biggest supermarket chain in the UK and starting next month, three quarters of their delivery fleet will be running on B50 biodiesel. Tesco has 2,000 trucks and vans in their fleet right now, and the change to B50 will reduce their green house gas emissions by 70,000 tonnes per year. Tesco is following the trend of other British companies that are fac