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Siemens, Diamond Aircraft, EADS unveil world's first serial hybrid aircraft

Siemens, along with Diamond Aircraft and EADS, have built a custom aircraft equipped with a series hybrid propulsion system. The trio unveiled the two-seat airplane, dubbed the DA36 E-Star, at the 2011 Paris Air Show in late June. Siemens says the aircraft's revolutionary series hybrid technology cuts fuel consumption and emissions by 25 percent, compared to today's most fuel-efficient airplane propulsion systems.

Mastervolt, Steyr Motors partner to develop serial hybrid technology for boats

While some of us probably possess the might to paddle a small vessel across a lake or down a river, truth is, most of us turn to gasoline- or diesel-fueled motivation for our on-water adventures. Aside from paddling along or hopping into a vessel powered by the wind, there are times when efficient ways to travel down the world's waterways are not available. Mastervolt, with the help of Steyr Motors, hopes to chan

ErockIT serial electric bike impresses

Click above for more shots of the Erockit electric bike

Man turns Opel GT into a 75mpg serial hybrid.....in 1979!

Before 1979 became a hit song by the Smashing Pumpkins, it was the "International Year of the Child" as well as the year of the Three Mile Island incident. Sid Vicious died (though "punk" didn't) in '79 and

Neil Young goes for a test ride in his new 1959 Lincoln electric hybrid, almost crashes.

From time to time we get questions about the status of Neil Young's Linc-Volt project, the transformation, nay, transmogrification of the rock icon's gas guzzling '59 Lincoln Continental into a sweet serial-electric hybrid by John Goodwin. There have been a few Domenick Yoney

Aptera series hybrid will have 1,000-mile range

In a presentation at Gadgetoff 2007, Howard Morgan, co-founder of Idealab, says the Aptera (an Idealab company) will have a range of 1,000 miles in series hybrid mode. You can watch a video of Howard's presentation below the fold. Howard also says the Aptera will be a quarter to a third the pric