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At the beginning of this year, we first reported on the RoboScooter, which at that time was still a concept. The two-wheeler was designed through a collaboration of three companies including SYM, the second largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan and a highly reputable company. According to recent reports, SYM has big plans for its electrically-driven scooter and hopes to see the machine on public roads in Taiwan sometime in the second half of next year. Powered by a lithium ion battery and hub m

Popular Mechanics has done a bit of a follow up on a little scooter from the labs of MIT we originally told you about back in the beginning of January. In a good news/bad news story with enough new detail to make it worth the read, we learn, among other things, that the the scooter is "going to make it" but that, contrary to its name, "it's not very robotic". So, although you could one day find yourself whizzing through downtown traffic on this little machine you just rented from your neighborho

The team from the MIT Media lab that brought us the stackable electric city cars has struck again. This time around, they have partnered with Sanyang Motors and Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to create a folding electric scooter for getting around cities. The folding design allows it to be stored in a charging dock when not in use. The scooter is designed to be built up from only 150 individual parts including a hub motor in each wheel. Like the stacking city car and bi