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2015 Bi-Fuel Chevy Impala will run gas and CNG [w/video]

As we suspected back in May based on spy shots, Chevrolet is adding a bi-fuel version of the tenth-generation Chevy Impala that can run on both regular gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG). Unveiled today in Washington, D.C. b

IMPCO can put CNG powertrain into your Chevy Cruze

The 2014 Chevrolet Cruze now comes in three fueling choices – gasoline, diesel, and natural gas. Conversion company Impco Automotive is offering a bi-fuel Cruze – compressed natural gas (CNG) and gasoline – that it claims is the first and only EPA certified 2014 model year bi-fuel passenger sedan on the US market.

2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas priced from $26,155*

The totally redesigned 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas (formerly known as the Civic GX), America's only natural gas-burning passenger vehicle, will hit Honda dealerships nationwide on October 18 with a starting MSRP

2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas priced from $26,155*

The totally redesigned 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas (formerly known as the Civic GX), America's only natural gas-burnin' passenger vehicle, will hit Honda dealerships nationwide on October 18 with a starting MSRP

General Motors signs deal with Westport for advanced natural gas tech

The 2011 Chevrolet Express pictured above features General Motors' fully integrated compressed natural gas fuel system. Though that CNG setup is exclusive to Chevy Express and GMC Savana cargo vans equipped with the automaker's 6.0-liter V-8 engine, there appear to be more light-duty CNG-fueled vehicles from General Motors in the works.

Audi announces e-gas project; A3 TCNG production scheduled for 2013

In 2013, Audi will kick off series production of its A3 TCNG, a vehicle powered by what the automaker calls e-gas – a synthetic gas produced via the methanation of hydrogen created by electrolysis using renewable sources of energy. When an A3 TCNG owner refuels with e-gas, Audi says that the corresponding amount of renewable energy required to produce the unique fuel will be fed back into the grid.

Mercedes-Benz launches bi-fueled E 200 NGT BlueEfficiency in Europe

Mercedes-Benz has launched the E 200 NGT BlueEfficiency, a bi-fuel natural gas/gasoline model that sports a four-cylinder, 163-horsepower supercharged "Kompressor" engine. The mill has been modified with an additional bank of fuel injectors, allowing it to run on either natural gas or gasoline.

G-Power Hurricane GS claimed to be world's fastest LPG-fueled sedan

German tuner G-Power modifies standard vehicles with the intent of transforming them into the most capable autos in the world. Recently, G-Power outfitted a BMW M5 with a liquefied petroleum gas conversion kit and claims that the finished product, the G-Power Hurricane GS, is the fastest LPG-fueled sedan in the world. We'd like to see some video proof.

Report: Fiat, Chrysler considering natural gas push

The United States is currently the number one producer of natural gas, but with few exceptions the fuel that heats millions of homes hasn't made it's way into our cars and trucks. Automotive News reports that Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne would like to change that in the coming years by introducing the technology in Fiat and Chrysler vehicles.

Chrysler joins Association for Natural Gas Vehicles; is this a sign of what's to come?

Over the summer, Fiat chief executive officer Sergio Marchionne set aside some time to visit historic Mackinac Island near Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Marchionne found this site to be a fitting location to discuss how compressed natural gas (CNG) could fuel Chrysler's future. The CEO outlined Chrysler's commitment to CNG development, stating:

Honda considers doubling production of CNG-powered Civic GX

2010 Honda Civic GX – Click above for high-res image gallery

MIT: Natural gas is key to a cleaner automotive future, but only indirectly

A recent study conducted by a team of scholars over at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) concludes that natural gas will be a vitally important source of fuel for the automotive industry as we move forward, but it won't be pumped into cars as shown above. Instead, the researchers at MIT suggest that natural gas will play a key role in the advancement of electric vehicles (EVs) and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Mercedes expanding its natural gas vehicle line up

Mercedes-Benz is taking more positive action to reach its goal of nixing the use of petroleum by 2015. The company has announced they have expanded their Mannheim operations to increase the range of models with the iconic three-pointed star on the front of their hoods and natural gas engines underneath them. Their natural gas program, which has focused mainly on commercial vehicles s

Road testing a Honda Civic GX that runs on CNG

On the positive side, the Honda Civic GX is the only sedan certified as a Super-Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle (SULEV) in all 50 states. There is an abundance of natural gas, and owners can purchase a home-refueling station. Owners also get HOV-lane privelidges.