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Lamborghini Latinoamérica grabs the bull by the horns with Miura II plans

Think the Murcielago is getting long in the tooth? Well it is. But the Murci's advancing age looks positively pre-pubescent next to the Diablo. Wait a second, you say? The Diablo hasn't been built in nearly a decade now. Well Lamborghini hasn't – not the automaker we know in Italy, anyway. But its underpinnings still carry on in a land far, far away from the factory in Sant'A

Lamborghini Alar designer building 3 examples of Coatl sister car

UPDATE: We misread the original Argentina Auto Blog piece when we reported that Joan Ferci has found buyers for three Coatls. it reality, he's building three of the cars in the hopes of finding buyers for them. The Coatl remains as bizarre and fishlike as ever, and everything else below holds true.

Lamborghini Alar debut postponed, unfortunately not forever

click above image to view desktop wallpaper-sized pics of the Lambo Alar

Yikes! Lamborghini Alar official pics

Click image for additional pics (including hires version of the above) in our gallery.