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Tampa schools debut new plug-in hybrid buses

Look, I know that some of you all going to be mad at me for posting this video because it doesn't include the segment about Lindsay Lohan's rapidly changing hairstyles. I'm sorry to disappoint all of you, but perhaps the information you get about the plug-in hybrid buses that a local school district in Tampa has purchased will cheer you back up. The video says that these two buses are the nations' first two in operation. After

Nazareth Pennsylvania gets first PHEV school bus

The second of nineteen plug-in hybrid school buses being supplied by Advanced Energy is going to the Nazareth Area School District in Pennsylvania. Nazareth is the first district in Pennsylvania to get one of these new buses which are built IC Corporation and Enova Systems. The bus will go into service in the fall for the next school year.

Hybrid school buses on display in Arizona

Prototype hybrid school buses made by IC Corp. were on display at Cardinals Stadium in Arizona this past Wednesday for hundreds of school district employees. Why were the buses in Arizona? Maybe it was to drum up a sale or two. While 19 of the clean buses (compared to standard school buses, emissions are about 90 percent lower and gas mileage is between 35 and 55 percent higher on the hybrids) will be delivered to school systems across the U.S. next year, none have so far been ordered in Arizona