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Volvo Active High Beam Control Keeps The Brights On In Traffic [VIDEO]

It goes without saying that more light at night is a good thing for visibility, but driving into traffic with high-beams on full blast can distract or temporarily blind of other drivers. A promising new technology from Volvo could offer the brightness of the "brights," without disturbing other motorists.

Next-gen 'smart' headlamps to automatically adjust beams around oncoming traffic?

A French company may have come with the next big thing in vehicle lighting. Valeo SA has developed a system called Beamatic Premium that allows drivers to keep their high-beams on at all times while still protecting other drivers from being blinded while driving. The tech uses onboard cameras to track the location of vehicles on the road and automated dousers to shield other drivers from glare. Think of it as the ultimate evolution of adaptive

Smart lights are coming

When compared to some of the other developments in automotive technology, many believe that advances in lighting haven't kept up. "Smart" lights seek to fill that void.

Replacement headlight recall affects major automakers

Pro-A Motors, a firm that manufactures automotive headlights has issued a recall for more than 60,000 replacement lamps. The affected combination headlights do not have the amber side reflectors as required by the federal government. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that visibility on these non-compliant units is compromised, which could contribute to the likelyhood of accidents.