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2018 GM vehicle sales, ranked

Here's GM's best- and worst-selling vehicles, and their sales figures

With GM closing a number of plants and killing off some of its vehicles as it restructures, we got curious about the sales figures for various models across its brands. We went to sales tracking site GoodCarBadCar and compiled GM vehicle sales figures in the U.S. for Q1-Q3 2018 (GM reports its sales

GM will stop reporting monthly U.S. vehicle sales

It plans to report quarterly, as other retail sectors do

General Motors said on Tuesday it will stop reporting monthly U.S. vehicle sales, saying the 30-day snapshot does not accurately reflect the market, and will instead issue quarterly sales.

GM global sales off slightly this year

GM's global volume is seeing a slight dip with sales down 1.3 percent for the year and 3.1 percent in the third quarter.

GM earnings jump to $2.1B in Q1 with 2.4 million cars sold

GM showed strong results in Q1 2015 with growth in earnings, net income and global sales. With such positive figures, it's expecting a better year than 2014.

Recalls don't dent General Motors' sales figures

Despite Safety Problems, GM Sees Much Momentum

GM announced 13 separate recalls in May, but that was a mere footnote for consumers.

GM will no longer hold monthly sales calls with journalists, analysts

Following its controversial decision earlier this year to stop publishing monthly production numbers, General Motors has now announced that it will join the ranks of Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Brandon Turkus

GM now tying all employee bonuses to customer loyalty

Since it emerged from bankruptcy in 2009, General Motors has been spending a goodly amount of effort trying to prove that the "New GM" does things differently than the company that squandered over 15 points of market share in the past two decades. Its latest gambit is linking salaried employee bonuses, in part, to customer loyalty. While we tend to cast a skeptical eye on such proclamations – whether they come from GM or any other automaker &n

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GM retakes World's Largest Automaker title from Toyota thanks to quake

Bloomberg is reporting that General Motors has taken back the crown as the world's largest automaker. The Detroit-based company outsold Toyota through the first six months of 2011, thanks largely to the manufacturer's production shortages brought on by this year's earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan. GM sold a total of 4.536 million units worldwide through June 30, Zach Bowman

GM failing to keep Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn buyers in the fold

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that General Motors has been unable to hold onto the loyalty of new car shoppers who formerly owned vehicles from one of the automakers now-defunct brands. Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn owners are now turning outside of the GM family for their new

Ford to outsell GM in March?

March sales don't end until Thursday evening, but an Edmunds sales forecast suggests that Ford could beat General Motors in sales for the first time since February, 2010. The Blue Oval is projected to sell 210,000 vehicles for the month, up 34 percent from February figures. Edmunds sees GM having a solid month as well, but the crystal ball sees 208,000 sales for The General, up less than one percen

GM posts 23% January sales gain, still down from December

General Motors today posted 178,896 total sales in January, a strong 23-percent gain from a year ago. According to the automaker, sales were up in all segments of the market, led by strong crossover and pickup sales. Fleet sales were down seven percent, though commercial sales gains wiped out that deficiency. Sales to retail customers were up 36 percent.

GM reports 16% December increase, calendar 2010 sales up 21%

General Motors rounded out 2010 on a high note. December ended with a 16-percent rise in sales versus the same month in 2009 and GM's four core brands managed to sell 21-percent more vehicles in 2010 than 2009. Factor in the four brands that were axed and the General still sold 118,435 more vehicles, or six-percent, more this year than last. Much of the success at year's end is tha

GM going to church to sell cars?

Go to church on Sunday, sell on Monday? Well, not exactly, but General Motors will bring along the cream of its crop this Sunday, April 18, to the Hartford Memorial Baptist Church near Detroit, Michigan. For those interested in seeing the next wave of green technology, the procession will include the 2011 Chevrolet Volt.

Toyota raises production forecast by 3%; losing ground to GM

The global auto sales downturn has been as painful as it's been swift, but a report from Yomiuri shows that the worst of times may be over. The Japanese news agency (via Automotive News) reports that Toyota has raised its vehicle production forecast upwards by 3% to 6.5 million units. That's still a far cry from Toyota's amazing 2008, yet the positive adjustment is still worth over 300,000 units of additional production.

GM could renew Total Confidence program in May

A bit of positive news about General Motors: April sales were up 15% compared to March. GM Sales and Marketing Vice President Mark LaNeve notes that April is typically worse for sales than March and credits GM's Total Confidence program for the reversal.

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