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The pedal-powered rickshaw is a time-honored method of getting around in many countries where not every citizen has the means to drive a car. Of course, time marches on, and the classic rickshaws are definitely a step or two behind the times. Still, there is a market for zero emission people carriers, especially in developing countries that don't already have other mass-transit solutions in place. Plus, while it may not seem like everybody's cup of tea, there are a large number of people that ma

Ah yes, the good old rickshaw. I have never seen one in actual use myself, but that's probably because I don't regularly leave the continental United States, where they are not a very popular choice, even in urban areas. But, I read that they are common in other parts of the world, and we have covered them a few times in the past. When I first read the headline for this story, the first thing that came to mind was the story we had a while back about the walking electric rickshaw pulled by a fake