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Thomas Bscher wanted to see the Bugatti range expand. He had taken charge of the über-premium brand during the tenure of Dr. Bernd Pischetsrieder, the former head of the Volkswagen Group. But when Pischetsrieder was replaced by Audi chief Dr. Martin Winterkorn, plans changed.

It seems that Australian petrol prices are even more volatile than I imagined. Just a week after predictions that petrol prices were likely to remain high during 2007, prices are now tipped to fall by as much as 10 cents a litre (US$0.30 per gallon) after world oil prices dropped to a 19-month low. Oil prices are now a third less, at US$54 a barrel, than their record last July of US$78.40 leading to lower fuel prices for vehicles and jet planes.

What a weird month. We were told a week or so ago that sales for the month of August might look artificially good compared to last year because of Hurricane Katrina's negative impact on sales. Really, however, Katrina didn't hit land until August 29th, so if next month is the greatest month ever for car sales, we'll know why.