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Siry: Why electric cars are cool even if global warming isn't

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Darryl Siry moves to WIRED, calls for changes to electric vehicle tax credit

Darryl Siry, who once worked for Tesla Motors and currently advises Coda Automotive with their all-electric sedan, has started writing for WIRED's Autopia blog. In his first post out of the gate, Siry leaves technical EV details aside an

Ex-Tesla communications director Vespremi puts the automaker in historical context

While things have been quiet on the Tesla legal front in the battle for recognition between Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk, some of the bystanders in the saga are continuing to come forward with their takes of the story. Earlier this week, we heard from Tesla's former senior vice president of

David Vespremi on Tesla's relevance in bringing EVs to the masses

While things have been quiet on the official legal front in the battle for recognition between Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk, some of the bystanders in the saga are continuing to come forward with their takes of the story. Earlier this week we heard from Tesla's former SVP for marketing Sam Abuelsamid

Ex-Tesla CMO weighs in on founder controversy: They're both wrong!

As the legal battle between Elon Musk and Martin Eberhard continues to percolate, a new/old voice has chimed in publicly on the controversy for the first time. Current Peppercom clean-tech analyst and ex-Tesla SVP of Marketing Darryl Siry has penned a piece for Wired that gives a different spin on the story. Rather than come down on the side either of the

Electric vehicle manufacturers need to be honest about range estimates

Most of us hear know the name Darryl Siry as former marketing and communications boss at Tesla. These days, Siry is a senior clean tech analyst at Peppercom in addition to doing communications consulting with various companies in the green field. We can only guess at the specifics of the advice he is giving his clients about how to get their message out. Hopefully, his words are in sync with what he has been writing publicly on Sam Abuelsamid

EEStor "permittivity" follow-up, by someone who knows (Daryl Siry)

Following EEStor's permittivity announcement on Earth Day last week, I wrote a post that ended with a call for our readers to determine if the stated "relative permittivity of 22,500" was a big deal or not. There were some educated responses (thank you), but one refrain that kept appearing was that everyone is waiting for a real and physical demonstration of the company's supposedly a

Ex-Tesla VP Siry calls for either taxing up gas prices or dropping CAFE

Darryl Siry has never been shy about expressing his opinions. Since departing from his post as chief talking head and salesman at Tesla Motors, Siry has been freed up to share his thoughts even more vociferously and with greater frequency on his personal blog and his latest post is sure to anger many people. With gas prices down to $1.86 in Siry's San Francisco neighborhood (and even lower here in Michigan where I saw one station today at $1.49) he tackles two of the most controversial topics am

VIDEO: Tesla's Siry interviewed at BIMS

There's lots of green-car action taking place at this years British International Motor Show (BIMS) and although we can't be there in person, our vlogger pal Danny is. Today, Danny has a fresh interview with Darryl Siry from Tesla who was at the show to Domenick Yoney

Tesla on the receiving end of another lawsuit, this time from ex-employee

The round of firings at Tesla Motors that followed the departure of co-founder Martin Eberhard late in 2007 has resulted in yet another lawsuit for the company. This time litigation comes in the form of a class action suit from former employee David Vespremi for breach of contract, libel and slander. During his time with Tesla Vespremi held a number of positions including public relations director. The suit alleges that Tesla violated California labor laws, dealt with him and other employees in

So, where is Martin Eberhard's Tesla Roadster anyway? Here's the story so far

For the last couple of months there has been an ongoing discussion on various sites (including our own) about the status of Martin Eberhard's Tesla Roadster. For those just now tuning in to this little saga, Eberhard was the co-Founder of Tesla Motors, and was supposed to get production car #2 but at least three other cars have now been delivered ahead of his car. Since we last discussed the top

Ex-Tesla CEO irked over which Roadster he's getting

Martin Eberhard first conceived of what ultimately became Tesla Motors and the Tesla Roadster when he couldn't get AC Propulsion to build him a TZero. Since he wanted a battery-powered sports car, Eberhard set out to bring together a team that would build his dream car. Of course, it was always his intention to buy the first car for himself, but creating a car company from scratch is not a low budget proposition. Hence Eberhard had to bring in som

Tesla's Darryl Siry on product placement with the Roadster

Perhaps the most talked about new car to appear in recent years that almost no one has actually driven yet is the Tesla Roadster. The impressive thing about this is that they have managed to pre-sell hundreds of these cars without spending a dime on advertising (aside from whatever was spent on a couple of press introductions). Certainly this site is as guilty as any when it comes to jumping on this bandwagon, although we honestly think that Tesla is onto something really special here and we ha

Electric car builders can still love speed

Just because Tesla Motors is going to build plug-in electric cars exclusively, it doesn't mean the people involved in the company see cars as a necessary evil like some environmentalists do. In an AutoblogGreen interview CEO Martin Eberhard explained that the reason he got the whole project going in the first place was because he wanted a fun to drive car that was clean. That's why th

Tesla VP takes on sacrifice and leadership

On this Memorial Day weekend in the United States we are supposed to be honoring those who have sacrificed their lives defending this country. Tesla Motors Vice-President of Marketing Darryl Siry takes on sacrifice and leadership in a post his personal blog. In past times of war people have always been asked to pitch in in some way to help the effort.

Tesla to open customer service centers in 2007

When Tesla Motors CEO Martin Eberhard talked to AutoblogGreen recently, he said that Tesla would not be using traditional franchised dealers to sell their electric cars. Instead, they will be establishing company owned customer centers around the country. For established car-makers with dealer networks, opening company owned dealerships is considered unfair competition under most state f

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