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Chrysler has been busy at the trademark office. Allpar.com reports the manufacturer has laid claim to a stack of new names, including Detroit Motor Works, Wrangler Freedom Edition, 8 Mile, Crossroad and Chrysler 100, as well as Ram ProMaster and the Ram ProMaster City. The automaker has made no secret of the fact that it wants to build a new small car, and that the machine will almost certainly ride under the Chrysler 100 banner. Dealers reportedly got a closer look at the vehicle at a recent ga

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Remember when we all wasted an afternoon trying to guess what car Honda was trotting around the streets L.A.? Good times, good times. The small CUV captured on camera by an Autoblog reader turned out to be the new Honda Crossroad the automaker officially unveiled just yesterday. Thanks to Carscoop, we know now what it was they were making in L.A. that day: a two-minute long promotional video pimping the new Crossroad. The video isn't revolutionary, rather standard marketing fluff centered around

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The Honda Crossroad, the mystery JDM car whose reader-submitted spy photos generated a flood of comments, conjecture, and a fair number of arguments, will go on sale in Japan on February 22. The car's official website is up in teaser mode right now, but if you want to see what it looks like, you need only refer to our December 26 post that shows us the vehicle inside and out.