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Report: Lotus files patent application for new dual-clutch transmission

"Simplify, then add lightness." Those are the famous words spoken by Sir Colin Chapman, the father of Lotus and one of the automotive world's great geniuses. Speaking of genius, the dual-clutch transmission (at a sane price point) is a major step forward. It combines the automaticness of an automatic with the manualness of a manual and the speed of a bullet. The trouble is, dual-clutches are complex and heavy. But what if the company Colin built had their way? What if you could

Geneva 2009: Bodacious Tatas - Indian automaker debuts Nano Europa

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Lotus to celebrate 60th anniversary a few years early

Lotus has always done things a little differently, so it should come as no surprise that the sportscar-maker is celebrating its 60th anniversary even though it's only 56 years old. The event that Lotus is commemorating is actually the first racing car which its founder, Colin Chapman, crafted in 1948, four years ahead of his founding Lotus Engineering in 1952. Since then Lotus has changed hands

SEMA 2007: Carbon Fiber Exige adds lightness

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