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Following the U.S. Supreme Court decision last year that the EPA had jurisdiction to regulate emissions of carbon dioxide, the agency began formulating regulations. By December of 2007, they had a proposal ready to go that would have effectively mandated a 35mpg standard by 2018. That would have put it two years ahead of what was ultimately passed in the energy bill. In January of this year EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson told a Senate committee that the agency would release CO2 standards by M

Automotive News Europe columnist Tony Lewin (subs req'd) has got a message for the European automakers in the wake of new CO2 laws: stop whining. He didn't say that in so many words (he said that the automakers are letting out "anguished squeals" and "you would have thought that they were told that starting in 2012 all cars had to have square wheels and run on recycled orange juice"), but that's his message. We've already seen VW express unhappiness over the fines that will kick in in 2012. Lewi