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DuPont and BP announced last week an update to their biofuel-promoting partnership, which is focused on biobutanol and cellulosic ethanol. DuPont officials spoke at the third annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing Conference, held in Toronto, and said the partnership has a three-part strategy to develop new technologies in the advanced biofuels market. The three steps are to improve existing ethanol production methods, developing cellulose-to-biofuel technologies and

DuPont and BP announced Tuesday that the two companies are forming a partnership to bring next generation biofuels to market. DuPont and BP have been working together on biofuels since 2003 and are not ready to bring the first fuel, biobutanol, to market. It's not really clear what the other next-gen fuels are or will be. We took a brief look at biobutanol yesterday. The biobutanol should be available in the UK starting in 2007 blended with gasoline and will be made in a facility that is current