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The April 2008 Chevy Volt update: designing the Volt interior and exterior

Of all the areas we visited during our day at the GM Technical Center during the Volt tour, the design center was the one place where I really, really wished we could have had a camera. I'm sure you would have all felt the same way. We've all seen the teaser image above, but in the E-Flex Studio Tim Grieg, the Volt design manager, and Bob Boniface, the design director for the Volt and the E-Flex systems, are looking at the Volt every day. The good news is that we can describe a few things. givin

Volt aero and styling: Touring the E-Flex design studio and GM wind tunnel

At the General Motors Technical Center on Monday, the company provided another in a series of updates on development of the Chevrolet Volt as it approaches a production launch in late 2010. This time around the subject was aerodynamics and styling, both inside and out.

GM reports from the Volt's tour

In his previous role as Director of Advanced Vehicle Design at General Motors, Bob Boniface led the team responsible for creating the exterior design of the Chevy Volt. We spoke to Bob about the Volt's styling back in January after the car was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. Bob is now leading the team working on production cars based on the E-Flex architecture and he's also touring

Fuel-Cell E-Flex could get badged as a Cadillac, maybe

While we already discussed Todd Lassa's conjecture last week that the Chevy Volt could get badged as a Cadillac due to the lack of branding associated with it on the plant assignment list in the recent UAW contract. General Motors has made clear from the start that the initial production vehicle based on the E-Flex platform would be branded as a Chevrolet because they want this to be m