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Back in July of 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced what it thinks the 2011 amounts and percentages should be for four fuel categories under the agency's Renewable Fuel Standard program (aka RFS2):

Powertrain engineering firm AVL choose the Austria Tec Week (PDF warning) at Expo 2010 Shanghai to debut its Fuel Cell Commuter (FCC), a high-tech electric vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell range extender. At first glance, the FCC looks like nothing more than a multi-passenger golf cart sporting a large black tank in the rear, but looks can be deceiving. The FCC features an on-board hydrogen fuel cell system that generates electricity to function as a range extender for the vehicle's battery pac

It's starting to look more and more likely that the Wankel rotary engine could have a future as an electric vehicle range extender. Felix Wankel's original concept was once seen as having great potential because of its high power density compared to piston engines. Unfortunately, the manufacturing processes available in the 1960s and 1970s made it difficult to achieve adequate durability without high oil consumption and excessive emissions.

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