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The 2011 labor negotiations between the United Auto Workers and the Detroit Three have been a relatively quiet affair so far, but the story is a bit different on the other side of the globe. Toyota and the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union aren't seeing eye to eye, which has lead to a strike at facilities in Melbourne and Sydney. Well, most of the union's rank and file are striking.

Toyota just released its performance TRD Aurion, but sales have ceased while the Japanese automaker investigates a potential engine failure issue. According to Toyota, the problem with the 323 HP V6 engine is unrelated to its supercharger or high output, and that the issue is likely a one-off. Toyota has 150 demo vehicles at its dealerships, and the automaker plans on inspecting each of those vehicles over a week's time to verify that a larger issue isn't at play.

So, it's a couple days late - call it a summer vacation hangover and let's just move on. We had a busy weekend covering both the Woodward Dream Cruise and the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, which pushed our schedule back. Once in front of our mics, we start Autoblog Podcast #75 by mulling the 2008 Honda Accord. Damon regales us with the story of the Cadillac CTS media launch out at Laguna Seca. GM's made enough progress that we can just drop the "for a GM" modifier from the sentence "The new

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Toyota is attempting to breach the large car market in Australia, again. Although past attempts were not exactly stellar, it thinks now it may have what it will take to succeed with the Aurion. This large front-wheel drive sedan effectively replaces the lamentable Avalon in the only market segment the company hasn't managed to make a dent in so far. The Toyota Aurion has already been advertised quite heavily and will hit dealerships soon, starting at an MSRP of AUS $34,990, including an electron