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And now, a fighter pilot in a Santa hat

US pilots flying against ISIS get into the holiday spirit.

And they weren't delivering lumps of coal.

Boeing, Saab take first flight in T-X trainer 36 months after starting development

The first test flight lasted just under an hour.

Both pilot and passenger raved about the new jet's abilities over the short test flight.

Trump calls for cancellation of Air Force One successor

There's more to the $4B price tag than PEOTUS lets on, of course.

The Air Force budgeted $2.9B for research and development, and $1 billion for acquisition of the two 747-8-based airliners.

Watch Danish helo pilots land on a ship in rough seas, laugh in death's face

Listening to the radio comms, it's like this is a walk in the park.

Afraid of helicopters, rough seas, or ships? Don't watch this video.

Watch a WW1 fighter's synchronization gear fire bullets between the propeller

This is probably magic.

Wing-mounted guns were still popular, but the synchronization gear promised more precise killing.

Over 800 airmen applied for the USAF's enlisted drone pilot training program

The undergraduate flying training program usually gets around 200 applicants.

There are a whole lot of enlisted airmen interested in flying the Air Force's RQ-4 Global Hawk surveillance drone.

MI Air National Guard drops training bombs near town, blames mechanical failure

There were no injuries reported.

The jet, probably an A-10 Warthog, was flying from Selfridge Air National Guard Base in metro Detroit to Camp Grayling, in Michigan's northern lower peninsula.

The game that makes drone warfare personal

Killbox drives home the dangerous and dehumanizing nature of UAV strikes.

Killbox is a game that creates humans out of brightly colored 3D shapes, only to slaughter them in the most dehumanizing way: a drone strike.

US military begins preparations for Hurricane Matthew

Aircraft, ships, and personnel begin evacuations from Florida and US East Coast.

C-17 Globemasters, F-22 Raptors, and T-38 Talons are all shipping to bases further inland while Navy ships either shelter in place or sail for northern waters.

The US Air Force will bake its jets to kill corrosion-causing microorganisms

Yes, the Air Force built a fighter-jet-sized oven.

How to kill rust-causing germs: take one F-16, drop it in a huge oven, bake at 180 degrees until tender.

B-21 Raider nickname honors World War II's Doolittle Raid

The Air Force considered 2,100 suggestions for the new stealth bomber's name.

Sorry fans of Stealthy McHidden, but the US Air Force takes the naming of its newest bomber a little more seriously than you do.

Boeing, Saab introduce entry for T-X trainer program

Stadium seating and a twin-tail design are a few of the highlights.

The Air Force wants to replace its aging fleet of T-38 Talon training jets with 350 new, advanced trainers. Boeing's entry is the first clean-sheet design we've seen.

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How a defecting Soviet pilot showed the US the MiG-25 was a paper tiger

And no, this story doesn't involve Clint Eastwood.

The Soviet Union's MiG-25 was a big, scary, high-speed fighter. That is, until Western governments got their hands on it, thanks to Soviet Flight Lieutenant Viktor Ivanovich Belenko.

Honey bees set up shop on F-22 Raptor

Honey bees 1, F-22 Raptor 0.

The US Air Force had a tiny problem when 20,000 honey bees descended on an F-22 Raptor. At least they weren't Hornets – there's a Navy joke in there somewhere.

The best images from RIMPAC 2016

One of the world's biggest military exercises guarantees some good photos.

We perused thousands of images and gathered a few of our very favorites from this year's Rim of the Pacific exercises off the coast of Hawaii.

US Air Force says the F-35 is ready for combat

It only took 15 years.

The F-35 Lightning II is ready for service... sort of. With the first jets shipping out to a squadron in Utah, it's still not technically combat ready.

Watch the Air Force drop Humvees out the back of a plane

The footage, especially the first-person stuff, is amazing.

Footage from a US Air Force drop at Fort Bragg, NC has emerged showing the loading and far more dramatic unloading of Humvees from a C-17 Globemaster.

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Tiny, cheap, 40-year-old trainer planes are fighting terrorism in Africa

Nigeria repurposed the Franco-German Alpha Jets into ultra-affordable attack fighters.

Nigeria's Alpha Jet might be cheap, easy to fly, and small, but it's also been a highly effective foil to the Islamic extremists in Boko Haram.

US military creates 'Space Mission Force' to wage satellite war

Star Wars... for real.

A new paper is calling for the US military to overhaul its space defense systems as rivals from around the globe increase their ability to wage war in space.

Rebels could have shot down Turkish president's plane

Rebel F-16 fighters had radar lock on the president's plane, as well as his two escorts.

Last week's coup in Turkey could have gone very, very differently if a pair of rebel fighter pilots had behaved differently.

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