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Volkswagen might not build this itself, but the MEB platform means someone else sure could

Volkswagen might not build this itself, but the MEB platform means someone else sure could.


From sportscars to SUVs, these concepts deserve to be remembered

We’ve explored the pantheon of forgotten concept cars and selected some of the models we would have liked to see make the transition to production.

Quick Spin

This Bugatti tops out at 20 miles per hour - seriously

Bugatti stores a handful of historically significant cars in a picturesque building located a stone's throw from its factory. One doesn't blend in with the rest of the collection. It's a small, yellow and black two-seater named Type 56 that looks more like a horseless carriage than a grand prix-winning machine. It wasn't designed to race. Ettore Bugatti, the company's founder, built the electric runabout in 1931 to drive on his property.


Mid-1970s Cheetah looked like a Meyers Manx buggy on steroids that ate Jeep CJ-7s for breakfast.

Lamborghini unveiled a prototype named LM001 at the 1981 Geneva Auto Show that took the Cheetah concept a step further with an updated look.


How one classic element has stayed fresh for 43 years, and other tidbits from Sant'Agata.


It's a mind-blowing reminder of just how small Fiats used to be, and just how massive American wagons once were.


China's event is a microcosm for global trends.

Analysis from the floor.


Codenamed BP23, it will be the most powerful McLaren ever.

Production is capped at 106, with about 30 coming to the US.


Alois Ruf explains why his company ressurected its icon.

The time was right for an encore.

Open Road

Officials explain that getting rid of old cars will reduce air pollution in the French capital.

Open Road

The Eden EV retains the original Mehari's open-top plastic body and four-speed manual transmission, but it enters the 21st century thanks to a zero-emissions drivetrain.