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It's striking at the heart of the small truck market.

These trucks are very close to each other.


It's getting an exclusive engine and adding sporty trims

We're ready for fun Acuras again.


It at least will probably get the efficiency part right

Kia is aiming for 35 mpg overall.


Bigger, roomier, stronger and lighter, it retains its off-roading cred.

It should be a much better on-road driver, and still plenty capable off road.


Now we can see it from the back AND the front

The front of the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept was revealed in a new image published by Infiniti in a sales press release. It's a slinky four-door sedan.


Even though it's slower than the W12 version

It is a tad lighter and has huge optional brakes.


It sounds like Toyota Gazoo Racing may produce something like it

Build it, and the rich will come.

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We actually kind of wish the scoop would make it to production.

It will take the place of three sedans.


It will respond by touch or the car's voice controls


The safest crossover in its class in Europe

The category was adult occupant protection.

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The clearest images of the Jeep pickup so far

Here's what we know so far.


Possible future WRX becomes possible future WRX STI.

STI gives you wings.


The drivetrain is listed by NHTSA for 2018.

It's no guarantee it's coming, though.


We like the Tacoma, but these Hiluxes are pretty sweet

They range from mild to wild.


It was one of three shown at the SUV's Amsterdam Motor Show debut in 1948

This is one of the most historic vehicles in the car world.


Check out those Union Jack taillights

They may be taking this British thing too far.

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Another version of the grille appears, too

The base model will look a little different.


It's cool, but where's our Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

"Alexa, why can't I have CarPlay?"

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It's big, it's frosty and it hasn't completely ditched the 6 Series look.

Hopefully that top isn't thin.