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382015 Ferrari 458 Speciale

On A Scale Of One To Ten, We're Going To Need A New Scale

Where the current roadgoing Ferrari coupe with its rear-mounted V8 can go beyond this Speciale edition, I don't know. The 458 Italia and Spider already hold a very dear place in the hearts of anyone who has driven them on a sunny day over great roads or tracks, and I was pretty sure nothing could beat the heady sensory combo presented in the 458 Spider when I first drove it back in 2011. I may have to change my opinion now.

492014 Ferrari FF

A New Panoramic Roof Lets The Sun –“ But Not The Heat –€“ Shine In

Ferrari announced a panoramic roof option for its all-wheel drive FF at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, promising the new full-length glass panel would offer its well-heeled clientele "a genuine open-air driving feeling, while providing thermal and acoustic insulation." That statement was intriguing, as my experience with glass roofs usually ends abruptly after I close the opaque shade - as a Southern Californian, I always find tinted glass panels too hot during the day and too cold at night.

1162013 Ferrari FF [w/video]

The World's Fastest Four-Passenger is Frickin' Fabulous

1092013 Ferrari F12berlinetta [w/video]

Is 700 Horsepower Enough For You People Yet?

222013 Ferrari California [w/video]

A Rare Mid-life Updo Comes To The Starter Ferrari

1032012 Ferrari 458 Spider [w/video]

In Which We Fight The Urge To Name It "World's Best Car"

66First Drive: 2012 Ferrari FF

Ferrari Smacks Us With An All-Season Rocket

6FCA Ortega Run '08: Sunday drive with a few (dozen) Ferraris

click image above for high-res gallery from this FCA drive

12Ferrari to help save the world by lowering CO2 emissions

Ferrari may only produce about 6,000 supercars per year, but the Italian automaker still wants to help control global warming by reducing its CO2 emissions by 40-percet. That's a substantial savings when one considers that Ferrari will need to reach their goal by sustaining and likely improving overall performance. General Manager Armedeo Felica told Reuters that Ferrari intends to reach this goal in 2012 by improving the efficiency of their engines and bringing down the weight of its already tr

16VIDEO: Ferrari F430 Scuderia: HOT

When Ferrari decides to make a special edition of an already exclusive vehicle, the results are typically quite stunning. It should come to no one's surprise that the F430 Scuderia is not the exception to the rule. 510 horsepower and 5.6 lbs for every HP will provide plenty of thrills at the track or on the open road, as will the 60 millisecond shift time. The scribes over at Avto Magazin has a beautiful motion picture starring the F430 Scuderia that we had to share. The F430 Scuderia doesn't di

4FCA Ortega Run 2007: Ferraris, feasting and fun

Click image for 50 high-res pics from the run

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