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Though details on outright purchasing aren't yet sorted.

The 600-horsepower hybrid Polestar 1 has a targeted price of between $153,000 and $177,000. Still, a subscription model is being pushed by the company.

And it's all happening in Detroit.

See the future, today.

There are mixed messages about the exclusivity of Polestar's subscription service

The messages are mixed.

Champagne wishes, caviar dreams... and a Rolls-Royce Phantom in which to enjoy them. Hold the Grey Poupon, please.

2014-2016 EcoDiesels will probably be recalled for new software code.

Now's the time to get your Ram EcoDiesel.

Focus on helping Puerto Rico rebuild furthers delays.

In response to a Tesla customer asking if he would get his car delivered this year, Musk tweeted, "December will be a big month, so probably, but it is impossible to be certain right now."

The GPS darts are part of the Star Chase System, which mounts to the grille of a police cruiser.

Most vehicles change hands after a few short years, but owners tend to hold on to some vehicles much longer.

Led by team principal Allan McNish and driver Lucas di Grassi.

There's a brand-new, single-speed powertrain lurking within.

And you use the touchscreen for everything — even the windshield wipers

You also have to use the touchscreen to adjust your windshield wipers.

At least it's easy to understand.

Engine size goes down, horsepower goes up, and badges try to reflect the new reality.

The price goes up from there — but so does the performance

The price goes up from there — but so does the performance.

Clarkson, Hammond and May will be sticking in the U.K.

You've got a week to secure tickets to attend.

It will still take some time to implement this reversal of the driving ban for women.

Turns out a compact CUV doesn't have to be boring after all.

These are the best compact crossovers of 2017. Autoblog's editors have driven them all, and found at least one that's actually fun to drive.

Let us know what you think!

Big diesels have their benefits, but perhaps fuel mileage isn't one of them.

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