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The Chevy Corvette is an American icon, but not all of them have been great cars. Follow along as we look at the best and worst Corvettes of all time.


The EPA says it "supports motorsports and its contributions to the American economy and communities all across the country."


You know what would be cool? If Mercedes brought its bonkers G500 4x4 to America.


With a name like Eastwood, he's got to be good. Right?


Meadow Walker, daughter of the late Paul Walker, has agreed to a settlement with the estate of Roger Rodas worth $10.1 million.


Expect the production Stelvio to debut later this year. And be much prettier.

All the ugly black plastic in the world can't hide the face of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio crossover from our spy shooters.

Every major automaker has a vehicle in the hotly contested crossover segment, and most have several. Here are the best reasonably priced SUVs in America.

Is it all downhill from here?

Auto sales fell short of projections in March of 2016, leading some to believe the market has peaked and we're on the way back down to normal levels.


Lincoln has a list of about 40,000 people who have expressed interest in the brand's upcoming Continental sedan.


Every once in a while, a concept comes along that makes so much sense that you wonder why it doesn't already exist. The Samsung Smart Windshield is one such example.


Lengthened crossovers are likely to be called RX 350L and RX 450hL.

Lexus General Manager Jeff Bracken has confirmed that a three-row version of the RX crossover is coming by late 2017 or early 2018.


As Barrack Obama becomes the first President of the United States to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge did 88 years ago, we look back on our own trip to the island nation in the Caribbean.


Two words: Epic. Fail.

Surprise! After the dismal failure of F1's revised elimination-style qualifying format used for the Australian Grand Prix, the teams have voted unanimously to revert back to the format used in 2015.


Did we mention there were 32 people on board? Or that the bus weighed nearly 27,000 pounds?

Asha Rani just pulled a double-decker London bus using her hair. There were 32 people on board. And yes, it's a Guinness World Record.


No, it's not the Hellcat-powered Trackhawk. But that doesn't mean it's not cool.

Though it's not nearly as prolific as most other European countries, there's more to Ireland's car industry than the DeLorean.

You can spend hours online configuring the perfect half-ton pickup truck. Autoblog's staff decided to do just that. Here's how we would spec our own trucks.


Exciting? No. Important? Definitely.

There's a new Toyota Highlander coming to the New York Auto Show. It's not very exciting, but Toyota's going to sell a lot of them.


Bernie Sanders counters that Clinton doesn't go far enough.

While campaigning in Ohio, Hillary Clinton said it's time to rework trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


Are these spy shots visual evidence that Ram is working on a Hellcat pickup truck, or could we be looking at future parts for the Mopar catalog? Either way, we're interested.


What looks like a high-riding Phantom with bad bodywork is actually a prototype Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV testing in the snow.

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