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First Drive
2023 Jeep Avenger First Drive Review: Driving the electric Jeep you can't have

Subcompact electric SUV is based on Stellantis Group underpinnings and is FWD only

What it's like to drive a brand-new, 92-year-old Bentley Blower

This 'continuation model' is the latest reborn automotive legend out of Britain

First Drive
VW ID. Buzz Preview Drive | We got a quick spin before the reveal

A brief taste of what you can expect when the ID. Buzz finally shows up here

First Drive
VW ID. Buzz Preview Drive | VW bus returns* and it's electric

*In Europe. We still have to wait another three years

First Drive
Morgan Plus Four First Drive | It's an all-new car! Seriously

Frame's still wood and the looks pure 1948, but the 21st century is now represented

First Drive
2020 Land Rover Defender British First Drive | Legend reborn

You've seen the pictures and read the specs. Finally, here's what it's like behind the wheel.

First Drive
2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo First Drive Review | Italian warp drive

The most powerful mid-engined Ferrari may be a V8 swan song

First Drive
Deep Dive
How Morgan is putting its newest anachronistic roadster together

Some comets appear more frequently than a new Morgan chassis

Some comets appear more frequently than a new Morgan chassis.

First Drive
Mini Cooper SE Prototype First Drive Review | This electric hatch is a suburban belter

A battery-electric Mini SE? Haven't we been here before?

A battery-electric Mini SE? Haven't we been here before?

First Drive
2019 Suzuki Jimny First Drive Review | Internet darling, real-world riot

For a tiny SUV, the Jimny is a lot of fun

For a tiny SUV, the Jimny is a lot of fun.

Quick Spin
Morgan Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition Quick Spin Review | Hello, goodbye

A popular model is being phased out as new ones come in

A Plus 8 is never going to be on terms with a modern sports saloon on switchback roads. For its type, the chassis is dependable and grippy, but if you overdrive the Plus 8, that flies-in-your-teeth, pioneer-motorist delight can rapidly morph into a feeling that you're a passenger in a runaway caboose.

First Drive
2018 Ferrari Portofino First Drive Review | Forget all about the California

It's as far from its predecessor as the Italian village of Portofino is from California.

The basic premise remains the same: twin-turbo V8, a folding hardtop, and some tiny rear seats.

Bloodhound hits 210 mph in test for land speed record run

On its way to 1,000 miles per hour, hopefully.

A Rolls-Royce Eurofighter engine helps Bloodhound's jet car hit 210 mph in testing.

Bloodhound SSC fires up Rolls-Royce jet engine for land speed record

British team's ultimate goal for Bloodhound is 1,000 mph

Jet car powered by Rolls-Royce engine to vie for land speed record

First Drive
VW's new style maker | 2018 Volkswagen Arteon First Drive

More than just a CC-successor.

Truly, a work of fashion.

First Drive
Plugging into a better future | 2018 BMW 530e iPerformance First Drive

Now, with wireless charging.

A smaller engine is a bigger play this time around.

2018 BMW M550i First Drive | Powerful, otherwise mediocre

The superlative engine can't carry the day.

We test this executive sedan in Bavaria.

The Range Rover Velar is a high-end spin on Jaguar F-Pace underpinnings

In the US, it'll feature a choice of two Ingenium four-cylinders or the supercharged gas V6.

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