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This autonomous suitcase follows you around like a lost puppy

It's fully compliant with TSA regulations

It's fully compliant with TSA regulations.

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Move your trailer with a push of a button

It's like a super strong, remote controlled Wall-e

It's like a super strong, remote controlled Wall-e.

Twicycle uses all fours to propel riders

Get a full body workout on the twike

The twicycle uses a combination of leg and arm cranks.

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The Stik Boat is a fisherman's dream

Never make an excuse to not go fishing

Never make an excuse to not go fishing.

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Toyota has a basketball playing robot

This bot is better than you at shooting baskets

Toyota built a robot that plays basketball. It uses artificial intelligence to shoot perfect free throws. Check out the video. Transcript: Cue is a basketball playing robot created by Toyota that shoots free throws. It uses artificial intelligence to shoot perfect free throws. It demonstrated its shooting ability in a shooting competition against two Alvark Tokyo basketball players. Cue shot with 100% accuracy for a perfect score, even hitting shots against a defense. Cue will be unveiled to th

Auto mechanics re-create Renaissance paintings

Photographer Freddy Fabris pays homage to some Renaissance Masters in his series of portraits.

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Cardok Underground Parking | Autoblog Minute

Cardok is an underground parking system from Switzerland designed to store cars underground.

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Bulldog 4x4 Fire Truck | Autoblog Minute

Bulldog takes 2,000 gallons water and foam where you need it to go. By Howe & Howe this 4x4 fire truck gets the job done. Equipped with emergency sirens.

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Wrist controlled toy car | Autoblog Minute

Worlds first wrist Controlled smart toy car. Ultigesture wristband uses pre-defined gestures to control the car. Find out more on Ultigesture's kickstarter page.

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Ultimate Off-Road Camper | Autoblog Minute

Bruder Expedition EX-P might just be the ultimate off-road camper trailer. It's designed and built in Australia and can fit almost any vehicle. Sleeps up to 6 people and features a full kitchen and bathroom.

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Project Hero | Autoblog Minute

Project Hero is the new Land Rover Discovery that features world-first drone tech created to help Red Cross save lives.

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Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs Concept | Autoblog Minute

This Nissan concept is the car your dog would buy.

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UPS Drone Delivery | Autoblog Minute

UPS has begun testing residential delivery drones with the aim at improving delivery efficiency. Drones fly autonomously and can carry packages up to 10 lbs.

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Toyota's 'Window to the World' Concept | Autoblog Minute

Toyota's 'Window to the World' concept makes car windows interactive.

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The Beauer 3X | Autoblog Minute

The Beauer 3X, a caravan that unfolds to triple its initial surface. Closed, it is only slightly larger than a trailer.

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Drive.Ai Fully Autonomous Rainy Night Drive | Autoblog Minute

Drive.Ai shows off its AI software in fully autonomous rainy night drive.

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Air Ink from Graviky Labs | Autoblog Minute

Graviky Labs is turning air pollution into useable ink.

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