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SUV misses child by inches as it barrels through flashing crosswalk

It's a chilling video and a PSA on what not to do as a driver or pedestrian

Amazon moves to take down seatbelt alarm blockers [UPDATE]

Discontinues them in India, calling them 'unsafe,' but they had remained for sale here

California to ban gas cars by 2035

Plan first announced two years ago is expected to take effect Thursday

How much electric car range do you really need?

EV range anxiety is a thing of the past with a simple calculation

Traffic fatalities keep rising, with deadliest 3-month period in 20 years

That's nearly 10,000 people killed in a matter of weeks, NHTSA says

How to see if the car you want qualifies for the new EV tax credit

It's confusing, and you'll have to be specific, so fire up the feds' 'VIN decoder'

Sheriff sends deputies on Batmobile arrest errand for a friend

To the Batmobile, Robin! Which is way over there in Indiana!

Ferrari recalling 17 years of cars for brakes that could fail

Recall spans models from the 2005 430 through the 2022 Portofino

McLaren F1 with unique headlights ready to make auction headlines

Last year's Monterey auctions saw a $20 million F1 sale; what will this year bring?

All British Field Meet Photo Gallery | Rule Britannia

Why you should catch a car show this summer

Moon landing anniversary: How Detroit automakers won the space race

Apollo 11 landed 53 years ago today — and Ford, GM and Chrysler got it there

Apollo 11 landed on the moon 53 years ago today. Many people have forgotten, or never knew, that Detroit automakers Ford, GM and Chrysler played a huge role in making it happen.

Gas prices fall 33 cents in past month in U.S. despite increased demand

We're using more, but it's what's going on globally that matters

BYD outsells Tesla ... well, not exactly

It has sold more electrified cars in 2022 — but not more EVs

Zen and the art of parking a car

Technology can steal our bliss

What is a sedan?

It's become an existential question, but the passenger car is far from dead yet

2022 Ford Maverick XLT cargo test | Truck enough?

The thing that defines a pickup is its bed. This one's small; can it get the job done?

These are the car colors that depreciate the least

The wrong color can cost you thousands of dollars. Where does your car rank on this list?

Harvey Weinstein sues Stellantis over 2019 Jeep crash

'He is in constant pain' — and is also in prison

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