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It will work with almost every toll system in America

No more ugly tags and boxes on your windshield.


One of 11 new test tracks in Japan replicate portions of the Ring

Toyota's is building a $2.8B research and development center in Japan. One of the 11 test tracks there will recreate portions of the Nurburgring.


Ain't no party like a Rolls-Royce party ...

It's a pair of chairs that appear at a touch of a button.


Livemap helmet has music, camera, phone and lets you focus on the road

An augmented reality interface is brought to your helmet with the Livemap helmet. It puts GPS, speed and other parameters in front of your face. It also has a built-in camera as well as voice and audio.


'The new girl ran super smooth'

'The new girl ran super smooth'


Another idea: Raise the federal gas tax for first time in decades

He might also be interested in a 25-cent hike in the federal gasoline tax.


Freeze-thaw weather, lack of money cited for widespread pothole plague

Freeze-thaw weather, lack of funding cited for widespread pothole plague


A statement from Ford confirms the exec's departure.

Nair violated the company's code of conduct.


It'll easily cost two million, and only few will be built.

The V10 guarantees 205 mph.

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It loses some character, but the increased comfort is worth it for most buyers.

A Jack of all trades – in a good way.

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Joe Girard won't let his Guinness record go down without a fight

It took 44 years to beat Joe Girard.

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