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9 cool features of the electric 2022 Rivian R1T pickup

Electric powertrains and clever design enable a lot of fun, unconventional options

Tesla sues rival Rivian, claims it poached employees, stole trade secrets

Lawsuit: 178 workers have defected, some taking intellectual property with them

Rivian files for patent on ‘swing and drop’ pickup truck tailgate

It allows the R1T tailgate to swing 180 degrees to offer improved access to the bed

Lincoln electric SUV to use Ford-backed Rivian's 'skateboard' chassis

The same platform will be used on the Rivian R1S

A battery-powered Lincoln SUV, due in mid-2022, will be the first Ford Motor Co vehicle built on a custom electrified chassis that resembles a skateboard, which was developed by Ford-backed startup Rivian, according to several people familiar with the program. The all-wheel-drive Lincoln SUV could compete against Rivian's R1S, an electric sport utility vehicle slated to go into production in early 2021 that will be priced from $72,500. Both models will use Rivian's so-called skateboard,

Eight electric pickup truck manufacturers to load up U.S. market by 2021

Analysts predict supply will be vastly bigger than demand

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his spacy Cybertruck have ignited a frenzy over electric pickups, and at least seven other U.S. automakers expect to build new battery-powered trucks by 2021. Companies ranging from General Motors Co to startup Lordstown Motors Corp have said they plan to introduce electric pickups over the next two years, and are scheduled to build up to 250,000 a year by 2024, according to industry analysts. If demand falls that far short of production targets, "there are going to be

The 2021 Rivian R1T looks lovely in bright blue paint

Our first look at the electric truck in a different color

Rivian has billions of dollars, a factory and a huge order — it's time to make some trucks

Amazon's 100,000-van order is just the latest jolt of success for Rivian

Amazon is ordering 100,000 Rivian electric delivery vans

Jeff Bezos announces a broad plan to become net carbon neutral

Rivian lands $350 million investment from Cox Automotive

The deal reportedly values Rivian at around $3.5 billion

Two Rivian R1T pickups spotted in Tierra del Fuego

Report says they're part of Ewan McGregor's new travel show

Rivian R1T and R1S will offer four roof options

A two-piece removable composite roof is one of the choices

Ford warns its upcoming Rivian-based EV won't necessarily be a pickup

It sounds like the company will build an SUV on Rivian bones

Rivian 'Tank Turn' is exactly what it sounds like

Trick feature spins the electric truck in place, but only on dirt

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Rivian confirms V2V charging, auxiliary batteries

CEO R.J. Scaringe opens up in interview with 'The Drive'

CEO R.J. Scaringe opens up in interview with The Drive.

The Rivian R1T gets a camp kitchen and shows up at Overland West

The cooking kit slides out from the truck's gear tunnel and runs off its battery pack

The cooking kit slides out from the truck's gear tunnel and runs off its battery pack.

Ford invests $500 million in Rivian, will develop EV on its platform

This after $700 million investment from Amazon

This after $700 million investment from Amazon

Rivian opens up about its mid-term plans

Six products by 2025, one of them 'not necessarily a vehicle'

Six products by 2025, one of them 'not necessarily a vehicle.'

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