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Latest News

  • 2 hrs ago

    Zap&Go's nanocarbon batteries could hit the market 'within a few years'

  • 6 hrs ago

    Mitsubishi Electric unveils Emirai 4 autonomous EV concept for Tokyo

    It switches between human and robot driving.
  • 7 hrs ago

    ‘Tesla tax’ could hit Norway, the world’s top EV market

    A Model X could cost an additional $8,850.
  • 8 hrs ago

    More than 1 million Mercedes vehicles recalled for airbag fix

  • 8 hrs ago

    Teaching autonomous vehicles to drive like (some) humans

    Please don't allow self-driving cars to drive like people in the Pacific Northwest
  • 9 hrs ago

    More about Toyota AI: 2 smaller vehicles will join Concept-i car from CES

    2-seater with gull wing doors, and a 3-wheel Segway-type scooter.
  • 9 hrs ago

    Mazda's rotary engine may live on as a range extender (UPDATE)

    Think Mazda2 RE Range Extender
  • 10 hrs ago

    Toyota to test self-driving, talking Concept-i car by about 2020

    180-mile range, and the car would read your emotions.
  • 11 hrs ago

    GM exec calls Elon Musk 'full of crap' on autonomy claims

    Tesla founder's claim of Level 5 driving without lidar 'is not physically possible'
  • 11 hrs ago

    2018 Jeep Wrangler owner’s manuals leaked, and they tell us much — but not all

    Power sliding top and 4WD Auto mode are on offer.
  • 12 hrs ago

    Kobe Steel shares hit 5-year lows over cheating scandal

    Even bullet trains have Kobe metals, but no safety problems have surfaced so far.
  • 12 hrs ago

    Louisiana sheriff calls for boycott of Ford over NFL national anthem protests


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