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Smith Electric Vehicles has scored another win in the UK plug-in vehicle market. The Department of Transport has completed the first phase of a program to help purchase commercial electric vehicles (EV) at prices that are subsidized so that the initial cost is the same for the EVs as for gas or diesel equivalents. This program is open to public sector organizations like the post office and universities. Under this initial phase of the Low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Programme (LCVPP), 70 vehicles

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After announcing earlier this year that it would spend over half a billion dollars over the next decade to put 15,000 alternative fuel vehicles into its fleet, AT&T has added its first electric vehicle. The telecommunications giant is one of six big companies adding the Smith Electric Vehicles Newton to their vehicle fleets. This first Newton for AT&T will be put into regular use to evaluate operating costs and performance. Maintenance and repair costs of the electric powertrain (particu

Even though the British Tanfield Group that manufactures Smith electric trucks has a product that should be seeing growing demand in a time of record oil prices, the overall economic malaise is hitting the bottom line. Battery powered Smith trucks are used primarily by commercial customers and since those customers are getting hit hard they are cutting back on capital expenditures. That means that although Tanfield's business is still growing, the ramp rate has declined. In addition Smith is hav

England's Smith Electric Vehicles already produces a battery-powered version of Ford's big European transit van. It now looks like they may soon add a new one based on the compact Transit Connect. The electric Transit Connect may debut in the UK by the end of 2008 and will likely cost twice as much as the current diesel version. The battery-powered van is expected to have a range of 100 miles and top speed of 70mph. Factoring in operating costs, the electric van should be cheaper than the diesel